en〓ding. Our policies◆ to encourage cons●um

sumption pl●ayed a much bigger◆ role in fu〓eling econom◆ic growth. We promo◆ted rapid ◆growth in i○nves

tment. We guide●d and stimulat○ed non-government〓 investment by means● of well-lev

ption covered ●more areas, ●were stronger an

erage●d government i○nvestment. We i〓mplemented a ●plan to invest an a●dditional 4 trill〓ion yuan over t

wo ◆years. In 2009●, the centra◆l government's p●ublic investment■ was 924.3 bill

●d benefited m〓ore people● than ever before

io■n yuan, 503.8 ■billion yuan◆ more than in the● previous year◆'s budget. Of thi●s, 44% was inve〓sted

in low-in■come housing, pro●jects to improve the○ wellbeing of■ rural residen◆ts,

. ■The central governm〓ent provi

And we make premium de■d 45 billion y

and soci〓al programs; 16%● in independent i●nnovation, ○restructuring, 〓energy con〓servation, em〓issions reduct〓ions, and ec●ological

uan in◆ sub

improvement○; 23% in major i●nfrastructur◆e projects; and 14■% in post-Wenc○huan earthquake rec〓overy and reconstruc●tion. Fixe◆d asset inve○stment increased ●30.1% nationwi◆de. We fu

sidies ■f

or rural res

rther i〓mproved the inve●stment structure. ●Rapid investmen●t growth effecti●vely compensa○ted for the sho○rtfall cre●ated by shrin■king external deman●d, strengthened weak■ links, an

ident■s t

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d la◆id a solid ◆foundation for long〓-term economic an〓d social deve●lopment. We acc○elerated the post-W●enchuan earthquake■ recovery and r●econstruct●ion work. We have al〓ready inves

餳ome appl

ianc●es and

ted 6〓54.5 billion yu○an, 65.5% of the tot◆al planned investmen●t, in the wor〓st hit areas.〓 Thanks to the gov○ernment's stro◆ng support,● the selfless as〓sistance of people t〓hrougho

motor veh
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ding m■otor

  • bikes. Part ●
  • of the subsidi◆es a
  • lso supp〓orted trading-in
  • ◆old motor veh●icle
  • s and h◆ome appliances fo■r
  • new ones an■d pur
  • chasin◆g agricult
  • ural〓 machine
  • ry and too◆ls
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. We halved t〓he pu

rchase t◆ax on smal

ut the coun〓try, and th●e hard work o●f residents o●f the earthquake ar■ea, the badl●y damaged areas ha■ve taken o●n a brand-○new appeara

cement automobi〓les

n■ce, with new to■wns rising straight〓 out of the grou●nd, and villages b●rimming with v〓itality. Al〓l this ful◆ly reflects the● boundles

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